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New .bank Domains For Sale Soon
Sitting on the sofa in my house sipping coffee this morning and reading the news I saw a gem that leapt of the screen at me. First off, remember the good old days when we just had domains that were .com, .org and .net? Yeah, good times. Now, there is the introduction of yet another new domain. This one is the .bank extension. The idea behind this one is that this will somehow be a more succinct ...

‘.bank’ domains, which should be more secure, are coming this summer
The new domains are designed to prevent cybercrime, but how many banks will use them?

The Expansion of Internet Domains Would Go Better At A Slower Pace
Potential buyers of new domains should beware. They break things in erratic ways, and a hard-won reputation is easy to destroy.

BRS Media’s Radio Global Domains & Feature Online Start-Ups and DIY. & provide true innovation and consumer choice in an open Radio based global namespace. (PRWeb March 31, 2015) Read the full story at

Taylor Swift buys, outsmarts haters
Possibly hoping to avoid more hacker blackmail, Taylor Swift has purchased the web domains and

Taylor Swift protects name vs. 'X' domains
Taylor Swift is being proactive so that the haters donât even have a chance to hate, hate, hate. A report from CNN Money  suggests that the musician has purchased some X-rated domains involving her name so that no one else on the internet can use them for more nefarious purposes. Stuart...

Media Company Announces The Sale Of Premium Website Domain URLs Including,, and ...
Premium Four Character Web Domains Up For Sale For The First Time In Years (PRWeb March 27, 2015) Read the full story at

Taylor Swift buys porn-site domains with her name
Veronica Linares NEW YORK, March 23 (UPI) -- Taylor Swift is now the proud owner of the domain names and

'Swift' action vs porn domains
Taylor Swift went shopping, and she bought all the porn domains with her name. Her recent purchases aren’t as out of the blue as one might think, however. And no, she’s not considering any sort of professional career change.

Justin Bieber Porn Sites Still Available After Taylor Swift, Apple, Google And More Buy .Adult And .Porn Domains
Taylor Swift has purchased .porn and .adult domains with her name to prevent their use, and she is not the only person securing her online identity. Not surprisingly, corporations and celebrities have swiftly purchased these adult domains to protect their brands, but there are a few sites still available to purchase. Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lawrence and a few other celebrity domains are still ...